New Beginning Ministry of Galveston County was founded in November of 2014. We are a faith based amputee support group and a Ministry. We are focused to bring physical and spiritual support to all those that need our services, including those who served Our Great Nation. The men and women of the armed forces, Our Veterans.

   People who are facing or have limb loss. We also direct ourselves to help those facing other surgical procedures, as well as those suffering from depression, chronic illnesses and other diseases. Our doors are open to all, and families. We also help those less fortunate, and our homeless population as well. We have support group meetings on the third Thursday of every month. Please check our schedule as sites change from month to month.  

  We are supported by numerous physicians, physical therapist, medical equipment and supply companies, local hospitals, wound care centers, Nationally by The Amputee Coalition,  American Diabetes Association. We are supported locally by the Local Businesses in the Galveston County area,  The United Way of Galveston County, and by the Local VFW Post 6378 located in Dickinson, TX.

  We offer assistance with Drug prescriptions, Medical Equipment, Prosthetics, and other needs as well. If we are unable to help you, we will guide you in the right path.


  God Bless You All!

New Beginnings Ministry of Galveston County
"We Are Here For You"

Philippians 4:13

I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.